Fazes Background Shutters

A valuable combination of beauty, form, and function

The possibilities for decorative window covering design are unlimited with shutters.  Whether you prefer plantation/wood, composite or vinyl shutters, you’ll find that their clean, crisp lines complement every decor.  Shutters are a great option as window coverings for arched, round or other unique window shapes. You can get also get really creative and design your shutters to add geometric shapes and architectural interest to any room in your home with custom valances or cornices.

Window shutters are highly desirable because they add distinctive style to your living spaces like fine furniture made by a master craftsman. Interior shutters can be customized in many different ways and add an uncomplicated elegance to your home. In addition to being available in many beautiful natural wood colors, your shutters can also be custom color matched to wood furnishings in your home. Your style consultant can help you plan for the best function for your shutters too. With limited space, you can design your interior shutters to fold-up accordion style to one side of the window, or to slide out of the way and stack on the side of the window or if space is not an issue you may choose a traditional design on hinges that swing inward.




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